Sustainable Development

Dr. Walter Haege is an Experienced Expert with a demonstrated history of working in research and international technical cooperation. Skilled in agriculture and rural development with a specific focus on the identification and introduction of sustainable technologies and socio-economic solutions. 


Professional Experience

Advisor to public and private organisations, enterprises, administrations and authorities. Mainly in the frame of bilateral or multi-lateral development programmes and projects. Long-term seed expert (technical assistant) in Egypt and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for the German and Belgian technical cooperation (GTZ and ENABEL). As a freelancer acting as short-term advisor and appraiser to seed and agricultural projects in countries in Africa (northern and sub-Saharan) and in Asia. Organizer and moderator of training programmes for international seed experts. Strong professional with a Ph.D. in seed science and technology from the University of Hohenheim. Limited partner of a family-owned plant breeding company in Germany. 

My Offers

Technical advice and general support of development programmes and projects in the seed sector, agriculture and rural developpment in anglophone and francophone countries (Asia and Africa). Project planning, technical advice, backstopping, monitoring and evalution, appraisal missions. Comprehensive analysis of the technical and socio-economic environment of seed and agricultural projects. Development of strategies for the introduction of sustainable solutions adapted to specific local and socio-economic environments. Identification of technical solutions and cooperation models for fragile socio-economic environments. Identification and support of the main private actors (rural households, farmers, SME, traders). Technical advice and systemic consulting of organizations to public 

authorities and administrations. 

Your Needs

You are seeking support for the planning, implementation and evaluation of development projects? Sustainability on social, economic and environmental level are a major concern for your projects? You are interested in technical solutions for agriculture and/or the seed sector that are better adapted to the conditions of your target region? Your past projects have not attained economic sustainability and you are seeking to support a developpment with more sustainable results?