Missions and employments 

Democratic Republic of the Congo

2013 - 2018
Employed by the Belgian Technical Cooperation (CTB / ENABEL). Supporting the agricultural components of 3 provincial development programmes; planning, execution and evaluation of their activities in variety testing, seed production and supply and quality control; consulting agronomic research, agricultural administrations and seed producers on provincial and national level; formulation of a new seed sector strategy, based on data elaborated through laboratory testing, multi-locationnal on farm trials and seed market assessments; development of a simple tool for the evaluation of the profitability of purchased seed (certified and non-certified); support of local farmers and farmers groups (SME) as entrepreneurs in seed production and plant breeding.      


2009 - 2010 
Contracted by Italtrend / IAK Leipzig, as seed expert for the EU Delegation project "STABEX support of legume seed multiplication"
- Technical advice and organisational development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply   
-  Planning and execution of field trials with soybean and Phaseolus-bean varieties  
-  Organisational and technical support of legume seed multiplication on research stations and state farms
-  Inspection of multiplication fields and of seed lots
-  Analysis of the potential impact of subsidized seed supply on ressource poor farmers


- Evaluation of seed projects implemented by FAO on behalf of GTZ / BMVEL / FAO 

- Evaluation of a FAO / BMVEL agricultural project as member of a FAO / GTZ appraisal mission 


Advisor to the Northwest Crop Diversification Project, contracted by the Asian Development Bank
- Analysis of the Bangladeshi  seed certification and supply system, including quarantine and import control of seed and planting material 


1994 - 2001
Technical Assistant (seed expert) of the national "Seed Certification Project", employed by GTZ 
-  Consulting the egyptian seed certification authority concerning seed certification, quality assurance and organisational development
-  Consulting concerning plant variety testing, variety registration and breedersĀ“ rights
-  Planning and execution of Training programmes (seed laboratory, field inspection, certification)
- Project planning, project cycle management, M & E 
-  Visits of seed labs and certification authorities in Algeria, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Morocco, The Netherlands and Tansania, analysis of  the seed supply and certification systems